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Hi, my name is Brigitte Katnig and I’m an art designer from Paris, France. I currently operate an art workshop in sunny Indonesia for the past few years. I was born and raised in Paris, but since landing in Indonesia, the only trace of French roots you can see is through my last name.


I initially worked as a cloth designer but that all changed since I went to Southeast Asia. In 2012, while travelling on the road across Indonesia, I began to accumulate numerous cultural-inspired drawings and decided to do something about them. At the same time, I became interested with beads, necklaces, leather materials, and feathers. This eventually led me to an entirely different design process, which stuck with me ever since.


During my stint in Indonesia, I found that many people there live interesting lives. While I had my chance to experience their way of doing things, I also showed them a bit of what I learned growing up in Paris. It turns out, Indonesia boasts some of the best craftsmen in the world and I’m very grateful to have learned their unique techniques.


It’s through their craftsmanship that led to the creation of my first Indian headdress. I always wanted my headdresses unique and colorful to inspire any child or adult who wears them.


With a plethora of artistic ideas in my head all the time, I was able to make the most of my creative process to ensure quality and fun headdress designs. I draw my inspiration from people and their happiness for every new headdress piece I make.


Feathers, colors, and imagination are what turns my headdress ideas into reality!


When it comes to design, I always add a special touch to every head piece I make. I always see my creations as fashionable, modern, and unique. I believe people deserve an interesting look that help capture their special moments. This is the kind of subject I always keep in mind whenever I plan out a headdress.


I very well understand what’s needed to create special feathers for a specific headdress. When my customers want something, I give it my best to come up with ideas that fit their requirements and personality. I typically deliver one day after a headdress purchase has been made.


As a professional designer, I believe highly in my designs and you will too when you see them. Creating headdresses isn’t just a set of ideas coming from me but from other people as well. That’s why I always welcome anyone to recommend me new ideas of what my next headdress should look like.


My headdress creations also involve hood-on-the-grounds that I love to plan out and make.


I’ve been running my headdress business in Indonesia for over two years. I’ve seen my store progress to greater heights and I’m hoping to push further with new and insightful creations. To gain more exposure, I took my business online for customers to view and purchase my items. This gives me the flexibility to cater to anyone who wants a piece of my fashion products.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any product inquiries or ideas you might have in mind.

Brigitte Katnig


June 2018



  • I sell headdress because I love to design and make them.
  • Im located 6 month in Europe and 6 month in Indonesia
  • Shipping takes 3 days any place in the world with FEDEX or UPS express
  • Ive been in business for longer than 6 year.
  • Ive been runing online business for over 8 years in diferent platforms
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