X36 Rainbow Feather Headdress / Warbonnet

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Rainbow Feather Headdress / Warbonnet

The World of Feathers

Headdresses are the latest in fashion that deserves to be noticed. This elegant model resurrects the true meaning of a traditional headdress! this item gives off the spirit of what it means to be a loyal and brave warrior.

Bring the natural and interesting side of you with this wonderful headdress product! This item is expertly crafted by hand and made from the finest materials in Indonesia. It radiates a ancestral influence that channels the inner you.

The hat is constructed from real rooster or duck feathers with faux fur and durable and felt material. It’s paired with a multi-colored forehead band.

32 pcs with large feathers rainbow colors

Headdress size are:

23 inch head circumference

width: 43,3 inch

hight: 30 inch / 75 cm


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