tipi / tepee / tipi / teepee Tent Animals .POLES NOT INCLUDED.

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tipi / tepee / tipi / teepee Tent Animals .POLES NOT INCLUDED.

Colorful Tipi Tent for Children composed by high quality fabric and 4 poles (Optional).

Give to your boy or girl an amazing and secret place to call their own will not only bring them comfort and security, but will also offer them a place to let them fly their imagination. If you want to help your child learn and grow, why not try to put the world of feathers teepee tent there?

Included in the set :

- 1 Teepee play tent made of cottonn fabric motive.

- 1 elastic rope for tying the poles together

If you want 1 set of 4 wooden poles made from stone pine wood (Pinus pinea) – optional cost (please if you are interested ask price)

Teepee Tent Size:

Width of the Front part (door): 133/53 cm/inch
Width of the Sides part and back Part: 100/40 cm/inch
Inside height (not including poles): 109/43 cm/inch
Door height: 83/33 cm/inch
Tent height with pole: 133/52 cm/inch

Your baby will be very happy with this new teepee house and will let him/her get super creative!

The Fluffy mat is not included with this listing but can be purchased separately in my shop.